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1 acre 53rd Street, Mauston, WI 53948 $9,500



This 1 acre lot 5 miles southeast of Mauston is infested with deer!  The lot is priced $4,500 UNDER the assessed value and $5,400 UNDER the 2020 estimated fair market value!  Camping or a self-contained unit is allowed.  The 1 acre is nonconforming in size but is grandfathered in so it’s ok.  It may not be buildable as you have 33’ setbacks from the center of the roads.  You have a total of 98’ setback from the center to your building or deck, etc.  Then you have to stay 50’ from the rear lot line and 40’ from the side lot line.  According to the zoning map it is in the agricultural district so it would need to be rezoned before building.  You possibly could get a conditional use permit to put up a garage or shed but still consider the setbacks.  Karen Leach with the town of Lemonweir may be able to verify this information and answer your questions at (608) 548-3244.


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